Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

If you’ve landed here on my site then chances are you’re either attending or throwing a white elephant gift party and need some of the best white elephant gift ideas.  Well you’re in luck because I’ve assembled some great choices for you and split them up into a few different articles explaining what makes them excellent gifts for a white elephant gift party.

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What is a White Elephant Party Anyway?

Maybe you’ve never heard of one of these exchange parties before and you don’t know what to expect. Well it’s a pretty cool gift exchange party. You might know it by some of it’s other names or variations such as Yankee swap, dirty Santa, black Santa, and others. The idea behind this type of party comes from the idiom “White Elephant” which refers to an item which is valuable but burdensome to own, is costly to maintain, and impossible to dispose of. For more in depth information about white elephant exchange parties visit this Wikipedia article. Don’t forget to click on the links above for some great white elephant gift ideas.

What are Some Good White Elephant Gift Ideas?

Well that depends on how literally you want to take the meaning of “white elephant”. Traditionally the gift should be expensive or otherwise burdensome to own. That could mean a gift with high maintenance costs or some other cost of keeping it. Perhaps the cost of having it is embarrassment like that which could come from a funny or ridiculous article of clothing. As years have passed however, the gifts most commonly given at a white elephant party are simply comical or strange. Novelty gifts, gag items, and strange or unusual gifts are some of the best white elephant gift ideas.

Hosting a Party?

White Elephant Statue

Photo Credit – Col&Tasha

If you are planning to host a white elephant party you’ll need to lay some ground rules. The main reason for this is because there are numerous variations of the event and you’ll want everyone to be on the same playing field. First of all, I would recommend having a price limit or range. This will keep people from wondering how much they should spend, and also prevent anyone from feeling embarrassed that they didn’t “spend enough”.

If any of your guests have never attended this type of party before be sure to give them a quick rundown and maybe even give them some good white elephant gift ideas to get them started on their shopping. You could even have a theme that would narrow the scope a bit more. Maybe you only want items that you wear, or items that are displayed in your home, the possibilities are endless.

Attending a Party?

If you’re attending one of these events you’ll hopefully get some basic rules or a theme when you are invited. If you aren’t given any specifics you should ask the host if they had anything particular in mind or if there was a general price guideline. You want to do your best to stay within the same price and type of gift as the other guests. Be sure to wrap your gift without any identifiable markings on the outside. Don’t put who it’s from, who it’s for, or anything that might suggest what it is. When you get to the party it will simply be added to a pile of other unidentifiable gifts. That’s when the fun begins!