Yankee Swap Gift Ideas

Yankee Swap GiftsA Yankee Swap is very similar to a white elephant gift exchange. The rules are similar and of course the idea behind the whole thing is the same. You bring a gift, usually of a predetermined price point (say $25 or less) and you add it to the pile. But what kinds of gifts should you bring? Well I’ve assembled some Yankee swap gift ideas to help you decide what to bring to this type of gift exchange.

At a white elephant gift party you can expect mostly gag gifts. Most Yankee swaps are a bit different in the sense that people tend to bring items that other people actually want. Of course it doesn’t have to be that way, the host could decide on any theme they want, but traditionally this type of exchange includes gifts that people will use and enjoy. That really widens your choices and can make it difficult to pick something. So have a look at some of these Yankee swap gift ideas below.

Yankee Swap Gift Ideas

Yankee Swap Gift Exchange Rules

Not quite sure what to do at a Yankee Swap? After you’ve used my Yankee Swap gift ideas to choose present, follow this quick rundown of how to play.

  1. Each person brings a wrapped gift of the same value.
  2. Keep your gift a secret.
  3. Put numbers in a hat (if you have 6 people write the numbers 1-6). The number you draw determines the order in which you get to pick a gift.
  4. The person who draws number 1 begins the game by choosing and opening a gift.
  5. The person who draws number 2 chooses a gift and they can EITHER unwrap it OR exchange it for an already opened gift. If the gift is exchanged, the person who had their gift taken from them unwraps the chosen gift.
  6. Person number 3 then chooses a gift and the process keeps going until all gifts are opened.
  7. OPTIONAL: The person who drew number 1 gets the final pick of all the opened gifts and swaps what they have.